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My Queen has returned fiercer than ever 😍 Please do yourself a favor and check out her new single of badassery. And then COME WITH ME TO HER SHOW IN NOVEMBER! 😂😭❤️👑 #lights #littlemachines #upwego

I’ll fight for you, but I will not compete for you. There’s a difference.
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Why am I still sitting on the shelf?

People are not dolls. You can’t just take them out whenever you’re bored and have “nothing better to do,” then just throw them back on the shelf when you’re done. You either appreciate them and cherish them for what they bring into your life, or you give them away to someone who will.

I miss how you wanted me.
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I hate distance. You meet the best people and they are always far away.
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You’re in a relationship and you know it’s not right and you just think, “It’s too late, we’ve been together too long. Oh, we’re living together; how would I get another apartment? Oh, we got engaged; how could I break it off? Oh, the invitations have been mailed.” And the fact is, there comes a day when you gotta go. And you go and you look back and you think, “It would’ve been so much kinder if I had gone when I knew I was supposed to go instead of lying to myself and thinking it might work out and staying too long.”

Author Ann Patchett speaks about her first marriage (and divorce) on Fresh Air (via nprfreshair)


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A day late, but I promise I was thinking about you all day. Hope you’re happier wherever you are than I am down here. I miss ya. #17years #RIP #paps

When I look back, it was the people I cared about most deeply that ended up hurting me the most. Makes me wonder, though. Is it really because they gave me greater scars? Or did I inflict the pain upon myself by naively expecting that they, of all people, wouldn’t ever be bad to me?
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Jason Mraz — It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday


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