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Pretty drinks and temporary tattoos ☕️💪 #thisisstilladate (at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters)

Granny Smith Bubbly and Brioche French Toast with a side of Roland-infused Cucumber Water 😍 I think I’ve found my favorite brunch place 😋 Foodie Adventureeessss #bougiebrunch #thisisadate (at Lockwood Table Cafe)

Tried the new self-serve boba place in Irvine tonight. It did not disappoint ☺ #Class302TeaCafe




i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??


OH MY GOD. Best ice bucket challenge video ever.

I laughed waaaaaay too hard at this. LOL

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look , i literally can’t stress how cute this deleted parks and rec scene is and im about to lose my fucking shit.

Im in love with Chris Pratt

this is so cute


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So I got nominated to do this thing by my ***ex*** best friend @matthewpatel lol. 😂 The challenge is to either dump a bucket of ice water on yourself, OR donate to the ALS Association. Then challenge three friends to do the same within the next 24 hours. And since I haven’t gotten paid yet, this is what has become of me. In an effort to be less wasteful during the middle of this drought I used the pool, and I encourage anyone in California to do the same if challenged.

Alright, here are my nominations: @hannlam @kellyarlett @elle_diosa or you can have @kxpham stand in for you LOL. Y’all have 24 hours~


This is how much this man was loved. His Wikipedia page is too full for people to even see.

Human existence is kind of a wonder. You walk around simply living and somehow along the way you manage to touch the lives of others.

There are plenty of people in this world I’m sure we all wish we could thank personally for bringing joy and all other good things into our lives. But unfortunately, some are taken from us before giving everyone else the chance to do so.

Actors have a way with revealing much of who they are through the characters they play on screen, and so I like to think that Robin Williams was not only a great teacher and mentor, but also the Peter Pan in all of us, the piece of us we wish we could always hold onto, but sometimes lose sight of.

I don’t think there’s really an efficient amount of words to express how truly thankful I am for what you’ve done for me. When I think back to my younger years, much of what I remember is what I saw flickering on the television. And 9 times out of 10, it was a film starring you. Thank you for making my childhood. Thank you for being you.

Considering the shock from today’s events, it can be easy to focus on all the bad rather than taking a second to soak in the good. I can’t imagine what was going through your mind in your last hours, but I know how horrible it is to battle something as vicious as depression. I hope you know that regardless of what has happened, there will always be a special place in all our hearts for you. You were a loved man, Mr. Williams, a deeply and unconditionally loved man. And although we may have lost your physical presence, your spirit and your love lives on and will never be forgotten.

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Can you re-enact your reaction to hearing you had been cast on a marvel movie?

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